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Protect your floating investment with a 3G gps tracker boat monitoring system –

Did you know that more than two out of  three boat sinkings occur while docked or moored?
This is an extract from “boatUS”  – the american boating industry association’s report into vessel sinkings  :

69% of the boats that sank did so at the dock or while moored. In many of these cases it was determined that the bilge pumps actually masked the problem for weeks or months, “keeping up with a small leak” until it became a big leak. Yacht components that start to fail such as sterndrive bellows, water hoses, below waterline fittings, and drain plugs usually provide warning signs such as an increase in the bilge water level, an increase in bilge pump activations, an increase in the operation time of the bilge pump for each cycle, as some example indicators.”

A range of alerts are available :
  • bilge pump operating SMS alert – wired to your bilge pump.
  • high water alarm SMS alert – wired to your high water alarm.
  • loss of shore power SMS alert – connects via 240V relay to shore power switch.
  • door or hatch opened  SMS alert – connected to reed switch.
  • intruders on deck or inside cabin SMS alert – connected to passive IR detector.
  • You can select three of the above.

Other monitoring functions :

  •  house battery low voltage alarm – will alert you of voltage drain from something left on or failure of battery charger.
  • cranking battery low voltage alarm – handles both 12 and 24 volt systems.
  • House battery disconnected alarm –  if battery is disconnected from unit SMS is sent

GPS tracker function for theft or broken mooring – Geofence or radius from current position.

ring the unit and it will reply with vessel location via a google maps link on Iphone or Android phone and also give you  battery voltages for house, starters and unit itself.

latest 3/4G module – UMTS 3G and HSDPA 4G as well as legacy GSM 2G

2G systems will be non functioning for telstra by 1 december 2016 and april 2017 for optus.

low cost of ownership no monthly fees can be run without a subscription to tracking service ( these are often $30.00 a month ).

12 months warranty.

wiring diagram – bilge pump and/or high water alarm

wiring diagram – shore power connection

sunk at dockshorepowerrelay-4   bilge-pump-connection