GPS trackers – why should I have one  ? –  A GPS tracker is the modern way to protect your boat, providing the features of a boat alarm combined with boat tracking features should the boat be stolen either on water or from your house.

Is it an alarm or a tracker ? – It’s both. It can be equipped with or without the included alarm siren that will sound should the boat be moved or someone climb on board, it will also send an SMS to your phone when this happens.

Do I need a simcard ? – Yes you will need simcard for this to send sms to your phone.

What sim card does it use ? – It takes a standard size sim card.

Is there a warranty ? – Yes these trackers have a one year warranty, please use the support ticket page for any problems.

Can I SMS more than one number ? – Yes you can authorise up to 5 numbers

How do I set it up ? –  you send three texts to initialise the unit, and further customising is also done with text messages. Full instructions are provided in the well written in english instructions supplied with the tracker.  click here for set up page